Our mission

Is to build the world’s first public chain that serves the comprehensive implementation ecology of new-energy vehicles and charging piles

About IECC
IECC is a project centred in new-energy vehicle industry with use cases implemented based on blockchain technology. It works in two-fold: On one hand it collects new-energy vehicle’s big data and analyses to self-diagnose and further enhance driving safety, in the meanwhile IECC token is mined and rewarded to vehicle owners; On the other hand, it connects charging piles to Internet via the intelligent chips installed so as to collect, analyse and share with the vehicle owners, which also solves the inconvenience caused by scattered data of charging pile market and realises low-cost or 0-cost charging. In the near future, it will blaze the trail and form Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Charging Piles and Internet of Users.
IECC is currently developing 2.0 version of APP based on the completed 1.0 version. It will completely realise the uploading of blockchainised data, followed by storage and cloud image analysis of big data, by the help of our strategic partner, Unicloud. Our bank partner abroad De Lao provides payment method overseas. What’s more, the partnership with Suzhou Raytec Charging Pile Ltd Co enables the installation of hundreds of Blockchain Charging Piles upgraded from regular charging piles. On top of this, the last bit of the IECC ecology arrangement will be accomplished by cooperation with supaizc.com under Suzhou New-energy Vehicle Industry Chamber of Commerce, which allows the intelligent chips to be adopted by thousands of vehicles and their owners.


Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch

Mobile APP

To check the location of nearby charging piles and their condition. To check your mining status from the miner registered by your vehicle.

Software Security

Safe crypto algorithm, safe protocol, safe usage and safe system.

Safe Storage

Vehicle data will be anonymously stored in blocks in the name of your account and protect user’s privacy.

Exchange Service

IECC transfer and payment services are implemented via blockchain smart contract.

Account Management

Based on blockchain cryptography the users can autonomously manage their own data without depending on 3rd Server and avoid data breach.

IECC Wallet

Multi-signature encrypted local private key and offline signatures will avoid your key to be connected to Internet and prevent from theft.


Use Cases for New-energy Big Data

Commercial Insurance

Insurance company purchase the vehicle data to understand better about users’ driving pattern and the vehicles’ overall condition, in order to provide accurate insurance services. Insurance provider will pay certain amount of IECC Token to acquire downloading permission of relevant data.

Deep analysis of user’s demands based the big data which allows advertiser provide the most relevant information to increase total transactions.
Vehicle Machine Learning

Screening the driving pattern by analysing the data sent back by vehicles; Screening battery health condition to determine safety of the battery; Screening the voltage change pattern of the power battery to target outliers and provide fault diagnosis.
Some facts

Token Distribution

Amount of tokens 10,000,000,000:
40% Mining
  5% Foundation
10% Team Reserve
20% Ecology Establishment
25% Private Sale

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Our special way

Road Map


Reaching partnership with charging pile supplier.
MOU signed.


Global community establishment and website completion.


Completed the cycle of vehicle mining and charging payment system.
Integrated user management and charging management sections into APP.


50 charging piles pilot experiment collecting preliminary data.
Angel round fund-raising inception.


Primary charging pile installation.
Token issued with smart contract.

Goal of Phase 1

Striving for 50% property right and 100% module installation.
Starting the development of public chain.


Installing 100,000 blockchainised blockchain.
Pre-installing 3 million electric vehicle.

OUR work way

How it works

Miner on Vehicle
Mining by Driving
Encrypted recognition with IECC charging piles
Calculation of charging price and IECC pre-authorisation
Completion of charging and IECC transfer
Charging pile owners acquiring IECC
Ethereum Blockchain

IECC Token

IECC Token
Type :
General release:
10,000,000,000 IECC

About IECC Token

IECC is the proof of right inside the electric vehicle blockchainised charging pile ecosystem, where innovative “Mining is driving” mechanism is applied. As the internally circulating token. IECC token is used as proof of right of IECC ecosystem and can be used for all services embodied in the system. The token can also be the value carrier involved in the exchange of value.

Incentive Mechanism

  • IECC users;
  • Community contributors;
  • 3rd party service providers;
  • Other participants inside the ecosystem;

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